Customer feedback is a vital component of analysing performance for any company. It is also a way to genuinely listen to your customers, to demonstrate that you care what they feel, and to see how your brand is currently perceived and how it could be better. There are many different ways in which you can put together a customer survey, and with help from our experts in the field, the My View team can put together an excellent package to suit your needs.

One thing we are always wary about is ensuring that your customers never feel like they are being pestered to give information. We want to help you acquire, collate, and analyse data and information that is honest, accurate, and can go some way to providing the building blocks for a stronger foundation for your business moving forward. These principles remain the same no matter the industry you work in, or what your target market is.

Choose a Customer Survey Approach

To ensure that your customer survey approach is not excessive, there are a few different things that you can do. Our team is always happy to help you put together a bespoke customer survey approach to push forward with improving standards and performance. We can help with overt customer surveys, or conduct mystery shopping for a different type of customer data. For the purposes of clarity, here, we talk about customer surveys that the customer understands is from your company.

Keep a Customer Survey Short and Snappy

You should always be thinking about a survey that will only take your customer two to three minutes tops to complete. This should always be long enough to garner the information you are seeking, and is short enough to maintain focus and not annoy the customer by taking up too much of his or her time. Include a question that assesses how the customer feels about their most recent interaction with your company, probe to see if there are any issues that require addressing, and offer the chance for them to suggest improvements to your service.

Find Out New Information

As you want the survey to be as short and efficient as possible, never waste time asking questions that you already know the answers to. Don’t ask them for personal information that you already hold for instance (such as the demographic they belong to, or the date of the last time they visited your store). By personalising a customer survey, you can cut this problem out entirely.

It is so important that during the process of acquiring customer feedback that you do not badger or annoy your customers. This can be massively off-putting and lead to a loss of customers in the most extreme cases. If you would like to find out how to improve CX and implement a robust customer survey structure and format that helps you to improve standards and maintain interested customers, the My View team is here to help. You can either call us directly on 02393 382 690 or email