If you get the opportunity to read the book ‘That Will Never Work’, it’s about the birth of Netflix and the author is the Co-Founder and first CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolph. It’s an interesting read, with a lot of interesting content. The first being the fact that when they started, they had a seed-capital of 1.9 million dollars but didn’t spend the money on proper desks or chairs.

In the book Marc talks about a meeting he had with Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Marc wrote that Amazon, at that time in 1998, had doors for desks, despite having 600 employees and $150 million in revenue. Marc said to Jeff “what’s with all the doors”? Jeff Bezos replied, “It’s a deliberate message, everybody in the company has them. It’s a way of saying that we spend money on things that affect our customers, not on things that don’t”. Marc told Jeff Bezos, “Netflix is the same way, we didn’t even provide chairs”. Marc commented in his book that they all had trestle tables and garden furniture and not proper desks and chairs.

It’s no coincidence that the two companies that spring to mind when you think of who has a culture of providing great customer experience, are Amazon and Netflix. They didn’t wait until the 21st century before focusing on becoming a ‘Customer-First’ focused business, they did it from day one.

At My View, a Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Consultancy, we have a similar approach to business. We don’t have fancy offices and we follow a clear sustainability policy which means our employees don’t commute to work, unless they are attending meetings, and most of these are done remotely. We don’t just talk about saving the planet, we actively play our part in trying to tackle climate change. We don’t use resources that have a negative effect on the planet or that doesn’t work towards achieving our ‘Customer First’ objectives.

Our values and objectives are to not spend money on anything that doesn’t relate to cost savings for our clients, improving the clients experience, or that doesn’t work towards achieving our environmental goals.

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Madelaine Cook

Founder & CEO

My View Limited