If you are the owner of a bar or restaurant, you’ll understand just how important it is to have a solid, happy customer base.

At My View, we can offer you an in-depth analysis of your hospitality services, which could help you maximise your potential and increase customer-retention levels.

Here are five reasons why your bar or restaurant will benefit from using our mystery shopping services:

First impressions: This is a key area for any business and a report can tell you exactly what your customers see as they enter the premises and what their first impressions are. How are they greeted? What were the members of staff doing? How long does it take to get seated or served?


Cleanliness and hygiene: Where food and drink is being served, your customers will want to experience a clean and hygienic environment. We can assess whether the tables, floors, walls, lights, plates, cutlery and glassware are all up to scratch. At My View, we leave no stone (or dinner plate) unturned.


Quality of produce: Your food and drink is the central reason why people visit your establishment. We can help you figure out what sells and why, which products are popular or unpopular, and which ones you should maybe move out of rotation.


Quality of the server:  How friendly are your servers, and how much do they know about the products they are serving? If you have specials on your menu, you’ll want your customers to know about them in good time. We can assess if your servers are remembering to do this!


Levels of service:  This can cover different aspects of the bar or restaurant experience; whether the staff were not attentive enough, or possibly too overbearing, how quickly empty plates and glasses were removed, or how pleasant the experience was. Whatever your needs, we can provide an in-depth analysis of your services.


Our mystery shopping service can help you get to grips with your customers and to improve the service, and the food and drink that you are offering at your establishment.


For more information, contact our team today by on info@mycustomersview.com and we’ll contact you at your convenience.